Video Marketing Basics

Online video advertising has become a necessary advertising strategy for online services. Their production is relatively easy, and consumers delight in watching and sharing them.

 This article gives you some tips to get started on online video marketing.

Learn From Success – Studying viral video clips helps you understand and duplicate what your audience likes to see. Stay tuned to the events and trends, check various websites as well as social networks your target audience enjoys and created a checklist of qualities you recognize in the viral videos you see.

Have Confidence – Every successful person you can imagine was born as a helpless infant. They learned as they grew, and so can you. Every project can be broken down to more straightforward steps and actionable items. Following your actionable items will lead to creating your very own video clips. Remember that you are your worst critic. Don’t let fear in from of perfectionism stop you from creating your videos. And remember that you will have more than one video and you will learn valuable lessons by actually producing the video and monitoring your clients’ response.

Imperfection Sells – Most people may admire perfect movie stars, but they do not relate to them. High-end marketing videos may not connect to your audience as a professional but homemade one.

Skill Is Not Money – Work on your skillset instead of your equipment. I remember that I used 16 lights just for the white screen for my first infinity effect video. Later I could create the same effect with two.

Use Scripts – One piece of equipment I cannot do without is a teleprompter.  Scripts keep me focused and my message on point without rambling. Most importantly, once you learn how to work with a teleprompter, the number of retakes drops drastically.  

Ask, and You Shall Receive – Ask, ask, ask. Ask for feedback, ask for share, and ask for orders.

Love of sharing is part of human nature, and videos lend themselves to this human nature.  Take advantage of it and present a video clip of what you are up to. Ask for feedback, ask for it to be shared and if you are selling a product or are building an email list, ask for the order or subscription

Capture Interest – Don’t go off the deep end into boring statistics, stay focused, fun, and educational. Genuinely be interested in adding value to the lives of those who watch your video without overwhelming them.

Be Authentic – Your videos are a glimpse into you, and they should be. Why do you think reality shows are so popular? The producers go out of their way to make them at least seem to be authentic.

If you pay attention, you will notice these fundamentals in successful video clips. Use them, monitor your audience response, and improve.